iwillneverletgoipromise: No, Alice, I think you shouldn't delete it; it's part of the Forwood fandom, it means a lot; if it's you who don't feel okay about running it anymore, well that's something different and I would respect that, even if I'd be sad; but if it's because of what the show has been doing, well, IMO you shouldn't do it, because your blog is a good place to remind people what true love is:D

yeah I know but I feel bad when I see tylercaroline last update 2 months ago, for all of you who still follow this blog (it’s impressive how are you still here after everything the show has done) but well ok I’ll leave it as it is, if that’s what everyone wants  

lockwoodspenis: If you delete this blog, I will actually cry.

I don’t know what to do with this blog tbqh
(it was fun while it lasted tho)

fzhck: Oh dear, I hate you because you're giving me too many Forwood feels and I just want to cry. But in all seriousness, your blog is pure perfection and I'm addicted. Thanks for having such an amazing blog!!!

oh no, thank YOU for this message !!
you’re so sweet, forwood :( it hurts a lot now. 

the moon lives in the lining of your skin


Until we find a way.


Until we find a way.

Just a small town boy and girl, living in a crazy world. Trying to figure out what is and isn’t true.

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You freed them, Tyler. People put their faith in you because you’re a leader. Don’t forget that.